• current injury - see injury of joint by body region
  • ganglion (M67.4)snapping knee (M23.8-)temporomandibular joint disorders (M26.6-)
Sub classes
  • M24.0 Loose body in joint
  • M24.1 Other articular cartilage disorders
  • M24.2 Disorder of ligament
  • M24.3 Pathological dislocation of joint, not elsewhere classified
  • M24.4 Recurrent dislocation of joint
  • M24.5 Contracture of joint
  • M24.6 Ankylosis of joint
  • M24.7 Protrusio acetabuli
  • M24.8 Other specific joint derangements, not elsewhere classified
  • M24.9 Joint derangement, unspecified