• abnormality of gait and mobility (R26.-)acquired deformities of limb (M20-M21)calcification of bursa (M71.4-)calcification of shoulder (joint) (M75.3)calcification of tendon (M65.2-)difficulty in walking (R26.2)temporomandibular joint disorder (M26.6-)
Sub classes
  • M25.0 Hemarthrosis
  • M25.1 Fistula of joint
  • M25.2 Flail joint
  • M25.3 Other instability of joint
  • M25.4 Effusion of joint
  • M25.5 Pain in joint
  • M25.6 Stiffness of joint, not elsewhere classified
  • M25.7 Osteophyte
  • M25.8 Other specified joint disorders
  • M25.9 Joint disorder, unspecified