• acquired absence of limb (Z89.-)congenital absence of limbs (Q71-Q73)congenital deformities and malformations of limbs (Q65-Q66, Q68-Q74)
  • acquired deformities of fingers or toes (M20.-)coxa plana (M91.2)
Sub classes
  • M21.0 Valgus deformity, not elsewhere classified
  • M21.1 Varus deformity, not elsewhere classified
  • M21.2 Flexion deformity
  • M21.3 Wrist or foot drop (acquired)
  • M21.4 Flat foot [pes planus] (acquired)
  • M21.5 Acquired clawhand, clubhand, clawfoot and clubfoot
  • M21.6 Other acquired deformities of foot
  • M21.7 Unequal limb length (acquired)
  • M21.8 Other specified acquired deformities of limbs
  • M21.9 Unspecified acquired deformity of limb and hand