ICD Gruppen
  • Z77 Other contact with and (suspected) exposures hazardous to health
  • Z78 Other specified health status
  • Z79 Long term (current) drug therapy
  • Z80 Family history of primary malignant neoplasm
  • Z81 Family history of mental and behavioral disorders
  • Z82 Family history of certain disabilities and chronic diseases (leading to disablement)
  • Z83 Family history of other specific disorders
  • Z84 Family history of other conditions
  • Z85 Personal history of malignant neoplasm
  • Z86 Personal history of certain other diseases
  • Z87 Personal history of other diseases and conditions
  • Z88 Allergy status to drugs, medicaments and biological substances
  • Z89 Acquired absence of limb
  • Z90 Acquired absence of organs, not elsewhere classified
  • Z91 Personal risk factors, not elsewhere classified
  • Z92 Personal history of medical treatment
  • Z93 Artificial opening status
  • Z94 Transplanted organ and tissue status
  • Z95 Presence of cardiac and vascular implants and grafts
  • Z96 Presence of other functional implants
  • Z97 Presence of other devices
  • Z98 Other postprocedural states
  • Z99 Dependence on enabling machines and devices, not elsewhere classified