ICD Gruppen
  • O30 Multiple gestation
  • O31 Complications specific to multiple gestation
  • O32 Maternal care for malpresentation of fetus
  • O33 Maternal care for disproportion
  • O34 Maternal care for abnormality of pelvic organs
  • O35 Maternal care for known or suspected fetal abnormality and damage
  • O36 Maternal care for other fetal problems
  • O40 Polyhydramnios
  • O41 Other disorders of amniotic fluid and membranes
  • O42 Premature rupture of membranes
  • O43 Placental disorders
  • O44 Placenta previa
  • O45 Premature separation of placenta [abruptio placentae]
  • O46 Antepartum hemorrhage, not elsewhere classified
  • O47 False labor
  • O48 Late pregnancy