• irradiation cystitis (N30.4-)postoophorectomy osteoporosis with current pathological fracture (M80.8-)postoophorectomy osteoporosis without current pathological fracture (M81.8)
Sub classes
  • N99.8 Other intraoperative and postprocedural complications and disorders of genitourinary system
  • N99.7 Accidental puncture and laceration of a genitourinary system organ or structure during a procedure
  • N99.6 Intraoperative hemorrhage and hematoma of a genitourinary system organ or structure complicating a procedure
  • N99.5 Complications of stoma of urinary tract
  • N99.4 Postprocedural pelvic peritoneal adhesions
  • N99.3 Prolapse of vaginal vault after hysterectomy
  • N99.2 Postprocedural adhesions of vagina
  • N99.1 Postprocedural urethral stricture
  • N99.0 Postprocedural (acute) (chronic) kidney failure