ICD Gruppen
  • P50 Newborn affected by intrauterine (fetal) blood loss
  • P51 Umbilical hemorrhage of newborn
  • P52 Intracranial nontraumatic hemorrhage of newborn
  • P53 Hemorrhagic disease of newborn
  • P54 Other neonatal hemorrhages
  • P55 Hemolytic disease of newborn
  • P56 Hydrops fetalis due to hemolytic disease
  • P57 Kernicterus
  • P58 Neonatal jaundice due to other excessive hemolysis
  • P59 Neonatal jaundice from other and unspecified causes
  • P60 Disseminated intravascular coagulation of newborn
  • P61 Other perinatal hematological disorders